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Elaine Montano CNP

Deborah Hunter CNP

Certified Nurse Practitioners (CNPs)—modern day “country doctors” who satisfy the primary healthcare needs of entire families. A study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) describes their vital role in today’s healthcare system. 

JAMA Study


Provider Biographies

Elaine is a Certified Nurse Practitioner with advance credentialing in diabetes management.   She is fluent in both Spanish and English, a graduate of the University of New Mexico, and a former board member and vice president of the Con Alma Health Foundation.  She has over 20 years of healthcare experience—including serving as medical director of a federally qualified health center and running the gastroenterology laboratory at a regional hospital.  In 2005 Elaine established LifeCare Health Services LLC.

Deb is a Family Nurse Practitioner with an extensive background in pulmonology and rheumatology.  Her background includes primary care experience in pediatric, teen and adult care.  Joining the LifeCare team in 2010, she has since become an invaluable resource in the arena of diabetes management as well.  Deb is a graduate of Regis University and the University of Colorado.

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